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  • 2015 Bajaj Pulsar AS200 and AS150 Launch video

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    Bajaj has launched its latest offering Pulsar AS200 and AS150 in the category of adventure bikes in the country. Both these bikes are based on the famed NS200 and the AS stands for Adventure Sport. The AS150 is priced around Rs. 79,000 and the AS200 is Rs. 91,550 (Ex-showroom, Delhi-Both). There are 3 colors available in both namely: Red, Black and Blue. Both of these look quite similar and get identical features like projectors headlamp, clip-on handlebars, semi digital instrument cluster and standard front and rear disc brake. Both of these get the longest wheelbase of the segment that gives them better stability while riding, the visor is designed in a way that it will reduce the windblast. Both of the bikes do not get any ABS, they have a 12 litre fuel tank, no electronic fuel injection. While AS200 get the same 199.5cc liquid cooled triple spark single cylinder engine that produces 23.5 PS of power and 18.3 Nm of torque. The AS150 gets a 149.5cc single cylinder engine that puts out 17 PS of power and 13 Nm of maximum torque.

  • 2015 Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 Launch Video

    Jun 06, 2015  |  Posted in: Bajaj Videos | 0 Views | Write Comment

    Bajaj launched the much awaited Pulsar RS200, it is the fully faired version of the popular Pulsar NS200. The manufacturer have priced it at Rs. 1.18 lacs for the non ABS version while Rs. 1.30 lacs for the ABS version (prices ex-showroom Delhi). The RS 200 is said to be the fastest Pulsar yet and gets a claimed top speed of 1431 Kmph. This all new bike is powered by the 199.5cc engine from the NS200 that produces power figure of 24.5 PS of power and 18.6 Nm of Torque. Again, like the NS it employs liquid cooling, fuel injection system and the 6-speed transmission system that provides it the performance it needs. It manages a fuel economy of 54 kmpl. Moreover, there is a huge feature list that consists of service due indicator, projector headlamps, stylish LED pilots, gas charged rear suspension, LED taillamps, 300mm disc upfront with a single channel ABS to keep things calm.

  • Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 First Ride

    Jun 05, 2015  |  Posted in: Bajaj Videos | 0 Views | Write Comment

    Looks: The RS 200 looks largely close to the concept Pulsar 400. Starting from the front of the bike, the transformer like front and bumble bee like dual projectors make it look the part. The paneling receives a lot of slashes, vents, creases, angles to make it look in sporty.LED lighting is evident with the incorporation of front pilots, indicators and the taillamp. The tank is very muscular with great lines aerodynamic mouldings and integrated tank guard. The instrument cluster gets a large tachometer flanked by the speedometer and the the indicator screen that shows the high beam indication. The handlebar high high set to aid comfortable city riding. RS 200 also gets the split seats as in NS 200 the sides panel are wide and angular complemented by a freely suspended taillight cluster. The perimeter frames gives it a different definition along with the stubby exhaust.

  • Bajaj Pulsar Music Video

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    Do not believe riders or bike experts? Then just take a look at the music video of the superb performer and sexy appearance Bajaj Pulsar. Keep your ears open and eyes glued to the music video that he shares about the various performance and styling of the bike as he drives on a wide road sports area of foreign country.

  • Visit India ka Africa with Bajaj Discover

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    Yes its ture! you can meet the people of 'India ka Africa' i.e Jambur in one litre with Bajaj Discover. The ride covers deserted roads, off-roads and many more. Even listen the strange language the people speak there. Dirve the BAjaj Discover and explore hidden treasure of India.

  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 stunned the diva

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    Bajaj Pulsar 150 stunned a beautiful girl, she could not resist from becoming pillion rider; can you guess who is the fellow riding the bike? Watch the very general video that may be find fantastic to some, are you one of them! check it out.

  • The fastest thief disappears on Bajaj Pulsar 220

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    In this masterpiece Bajaj Pulsar 220 official ad, the thief disappears in a flash on the bike; the creative ad tries to tell you that how fast the Bajaj Pulsar 220 can be. Even the helicopter flying chasing the thief, on tip-off, could not follow him :-). It's only an advertisement man!

  • Bajaj Pulsar becomes music player

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    Believe it or not! Bajaj Pulsar 135 becomes music player in a tight street, see it yourself, how the two wheeler help to compose sweet music with balanced notes. But once again the same hard warning- do not imitate.

  • Chase me its challenge

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    This is not a game of hide and seek, it is open challenge from Bajaj Pulsar 180cc rider. He clearly wins the battle with his powerful machine. This thrilled and heart beating video deserves several clicks.

  • DTS i club member Bajaj Platina

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    Visit the DTS-i club member Bajaj Platina 125, the advt includes every DTS-i bikes of Bajaj. The bikers perform unseen stunts in this fantastic video but you know it they are strictly prohibited.

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